Just like a giant xmas package, Underhill House is being trimmed.  I’m not talking ribbons and bows.  I’m talking about the wood edging around the doors and windows.  For Underhill House, all the trim is coming from trees that were thinned from our woods last winter and milled on site […]


When planning to build Underhill House, we chose concrete floors because we want the most energy-efficient heating and cooling.  Concrete is a great place to store heat.  Our house is designed so that in the winter, the sun will pour in on our floors, and warm them all day long.  […]


Trying to build as greenly as possible means constant decisions. When we got ready to paint Underhill House, we had two basic questions. 1.  What company to go with? We started out getting paint from Sherwin Williams because we were familiar with them and liked them.  We got the paint […]