When you decide to build a new house, you are committing to move out of your old house, but getting these two activities to align is almost impossible.

Putting a house on the market is a very uncertain process these days.  Will it sell tomorrow?  Will it sell a year from tomorrow?  Will it sell at all?

Goodby to our current family room.

See you soon, new family room.

And on the flip side, when, exactly will the building of the house be completed?  This question is complicated when the new house is comprised of emerging technologies like straw bale and slip-form stone walls and solar heat and sod roof that must be integrated with conventional processes of concrete foundation, plumbing and electrical wiring.

Goodby to our current dining room. We just had a family reunion around this table (with the leaf in it).

See you soon, new dining room – after the straw bale walls are built, we can at least stand in you.

We were at a loss to figure out a way to seamlessly link our exit from the old house and arrival at the new.  We’ve been quite curiously waiting to see how it would all play out.

Fortunately, a young couple has seen the character and comforts of our Madison home and are not put off by the challenges that a house built in 1922 can present.  As of last weekend, we have a closing date for August 31 – about 3 weeks from now.

Goodby, dear old kitchen. The pasta pesto tonight was delicious.

Can’t wait to cook in you, new kitchen, but you have no stove or sink – and no walls.

However, we have no clear idea of where we are going to stay until our new house is completed – probably in early November.

Today I am musing on what we are leaving and what we are heading toward.  While frantically scrambling to find someplace we can store our stuff and somewhere we can camp out for the next few months.

Sweet dreams, sunny yellow old bedroom.

The blue tarps are making me wonder if our new bedroom should be blue.

As a writer, I’ve always marveled at how galvanizing a deadline can be.

Now, with three weeks to find a temporary place, pack and move, I’m seeing that the same can be said for a house closing.

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  1. Wow! In one way, you’re fortunate to have sold you house so quickly, but I feel for you having to pack up and move before having a place to go! Wish I had a place to offer you!

  2. I’m really enjoying seeing your progress along with getting ideas and clearing up some of the details for my own whole-tree house under construction. wish you (or I) didn’t live so far away.

    • That is so cool! We love working with Joe. We have an amazing crew.
      And we got a chance to see Joe’s pottery when he had the open house. He has wonderful pottery too.

  3. Hi Denise, we love the Cole’s pottery as well. Btw, Joe mentioned that you had a piano you were looking to sell. I might have some music students interested if you have not sold it yet. I couldn’t find you email. Please shoot me an email at leslienerissedamaso@gmail.com about the piano.

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