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FREEZER SHOPPING TIPS or Channeling my Crazed Squirrel

Sunday when I was sitting outside enjoying a potluck picnic at Tom Brantmeier’s farm near Monroe WI, the blustery wind was keeping the flies at bay on a balmy, cloud-scudded, 72 degree afternoon. The wind picked up, and that night a pounding rainstorm quite literally poured cold water on the […]

Corn: How do you like yours?

What tastes better than fresh hot – almost-too-hot-to-hold – corn on the cob, still sweet from picking?  Whether each succulent kernel is coated in melted butter, or my new favorite, melted blue cheese (I get an award winning block of Blue Paradise from its friendly creators Tony and Julie Hook […]

Buckwheat Beginnings

When you decide to be a farmer, you have to start somewhere. How about a row of raspberries? Last April I drove an hour and a half to East Troy WI for the “Berrylicious Workshop” at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute , which promised and provided hands-on training in pruning, […]

Pizza Wisconsinalia

I vividly remember the fireworks of flavor that erupted with my first taste of pizza.  I was about 10, and our family was dining with friends.  The pre-Martha Stewart mothers in our crowd competed to feed 10 to 20 people at a time with something tasty that didn’t break the […]