April 2.   The temperature floated up into the 70s in Madison Wisconsin yesterday.  Time to think about spring cleaning.  For me its time for more.  We are planning the house we will build on our land. It will be a lot smaller than our current house. It’s time to declutter.  […]


The snow has receded to tiny patches on northern hill slopes.  The plates of ice are floating on the mostly-open surface of the pond, and that has freed the Western Chorus Frogs, who began singing three days ago. These are tiny little frogs no bigger than the tip of a […]


OR,  GRAVITY ISN’T JUST A GOOD IDEA — IT’S THE LAW As Doug wrote in his recent post, Two Tree Herders Upgrade their Saws, we have a lot of trees to trim.  Our architect, Della Hansmann, works with Roald Gundersen of Whole Trees Architecture, who builds homes from whole trees, […]

Think Small to Build Small

Introducing a new feature on this site: Conversations with my architect on the design of the house we will build in 2012. Our architect Della Hansmann of Whole Tree Architecture (see York Times article here) is also our daughter.  This is a rare opportunity to mull over how to make […]