Researching this story for Isthmus was discouraging . But if you have any ash trees or enjoy parks with a number of ashes, you need to know about this.

The plague

Emerald ash borer taking its toll on Madison’s urban canopy

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MAY 10, 2018

The emerald ash borer was first seen in the United States near Detroit in 2002 and soon gained a fearsome reputation for killing every untreated ash tree it came across. Named for its brilliant hue, this insect is leaving the world less green as it spreads, and it’s spreading fast. In 2013, the insect was discovered burrowing its way into ash trees in Warner Park.

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    • Thanks for your comment, Eve. Yes, and I’m particularly worried about what will happen at the water’s edge, of which there are so many in our part of the world.

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