The bare bones of our winder.

We are going to get between our two floors on a winder staircase that Della designed.  I was going to blog about the wonderful winder stairway at Underhill House today because the basic framing in was completed yesterday.

Winders are nice because they minimize how much space the stairs take up.

Winders are awkward because it’s difficult to move things up and down on them.

Winders are also beautiful to look at and fun traverse as you spin around the corners.

Unfortunately, winders can also be a little tricky, and yesterday I went down them a little fast as it was getting a little dark, and I fell.  I caught myself — but yikes and ouch and all of that.

So instead, today I’m providing a round up of some of the more interesting ways to get between floors that I have found.

If you are thinking of getting up there with flare, check out these.

These stairs are both beautiful and minimal.  LINK

Here’s a stairway that’s really a ladder that I saw in a Sarah Susanka house in Libertyville IL.  I loved the slots.  they were great grips!  LINK

Having recently fallen on a stairs, I’d like to see a railing here, but I commend them on their use of space.  LINK

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men….  Can this space-saving stairway be for real?  LINK

This stairs gets first prize in my book.  It takes you all the way between floors while only using 1 square meter of space!  LINK

What’s your favorite stairway here, or do you have another to share?

4 replies

  1. Very cool stairways. Certainly hope Underhill’s is going to have a runner or some kind or slip resistant surface. Can’t count the number of stairways I have worked on because of slip and fall. Just recently I supplied product to help two old dogs, yes dogs, who unable to get enough traction to go up an industrial steel stairway.

  2. I like old fashioned staircases with cupboards underneath, that way the space is utilised well. We had an open plan staircase with a wrought iron balustrade but the dust and the draughts that came down it made life unpleasant at times – one of the problems as a house gets older, ours was around a 100 years old when we lived there but it had been badly renovated in the 70s

  3. Sorry to hear about your tumble and hope you don’t have too many bruises. I guess I’m with Joanna with regards to the old fashioned staircases and the utilization of the space under them. As I’m getting older, even though I’m still agile enough for regular stairs, some of those unconventional ones, though cool to see, would be difficult to traverse, especially without some sort of railing! But, they are fun to see!

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