I am away from my desk attending a family reunion.  To get to bucolic Monticello, Illinois, I have driven through countless miles of land that was once prairie and then small farms and is now an endless stretch of massive sterile mega-fields servicing agribusiness.

  While I am reconnecting with friends and family, and you are going about your daily life, decisions are being made in Washington that will affect our small family farms, our food and our health.  All of us who care need to Protest these Cuts

If you can, DO IT TODAY.

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition has declared June 28 to be the National Day of Action.  The number of us who value local food production is growing.

Let’s let them hear us.

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    • Thanks for commenting John. I agree about the beauty of the landscape, and then there is the whole issue of what these vast monocultures are doing to the environment. The list of why small-scale sustainable farming should be supported in every possible way — rather than undermined — goes on and on.

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