Continuing family health issues,  so I am taking the opportunity to recommend another really neat site I recently learned about.

The Third Teachert is based on the premise that children develop through interactions, first with adults, then with peers, and ultimately with the environment around them.

For children, that environment is most often their school.  So how can we make schools sustainable and teach sustainability?  If we have any hope for the future, isn’t this where we should be pouring our resources?

Anyhow, check out this blog post of 79 Ideas that redesign teaching and learning.

You can click on each of these ideas for an expanded read, and they are all thought provoking.

Please let me know which ones resonate with you.  Your comments are great, and I love them.

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  1. I was a bit worried at first when I read the Think Small, I understand what they are saying in terms of thinking at children height but I have spent many years trying to get children to think big, to start with the little things but to have the confidence to shine, so I was really relieved to see the section that said “Dream Big” – now that resonates with me. There is nothing worse than children paralysed by the thought they cannot do a thing about the world, they can and they will have to. So get kids dreaming big, it is the best thing we can do for the future.

    Here is an example of someone I know who is dreaming big http://www.stopslaverytoday.net/, the young lass who set this up I know personally and she is 15 years old.

    • Hi Joanna,
      I hear what you are saying, but in this case I sense they are talking about considering safety issues that are inherent in smaller bodies and perhaps less judgement.
      The website you linked to is very impressive.
      As far as what kids are capable of, I always have high expectations.

      • I understand safety issues, as safety of minors when dealing with 100 3 and 4 year olds in a tent kind of takes on a whole new meaning. As a children’s worker it was so aggravating to be given less than ideal conditions for working with them and often it meant barricading off dangerous equipment left in the room we were using. However I also see that sometimes we closet children too much leaving them unable to assess risk which does not bode well in the future. Thinking at their height is crucial to see the possible problems and thinking through how to help them negotiate risk if necessary or making it safe. I suppose part of the problem in schools is the sheer number of little bodies that need looking after which means you need to play ultra safe

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