We’ve been dealing with a sudden and serious medical issue in the family this past few days, and I have not had time to prepare a post.  So I am going to refer you to a very good blog I recently learned about through the quirky connections one can make in the blog-o-sphere.  This is a real resource.

The blog is

Science-Based Life: It's Not Just a Body of Knowledge, It's a Way of Thinking

Science-Based Life: It’s Not Just a Body of Knowledge, It’s a Way of Thinking

And the post is “Climate-gate Is No Longer a Reason To Be Ignorant About Our Climate.”    I’m going to start following this blog.



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    • Thank you Joanna,
      Doug had a heart attack, and we spent Friday to Tuesday in the hospital. Modern medicine is amazing. The blocked artery is now flowing again thanks to a stent. The before and after images are like night and day. The prognosis is good, and we are humbled but hopeful that we can continue with our dreams and plans after an as yet unknown recovery period.

      It all seems pretty surreal at this point but we are slowly adjusting to our modified future.

      • So sorry to hear that Denise. I wish Doug a speedy recovery and I pray for peace for you both to fulfil the dreams on your hearts. All the best and God bless

    • Janice,
      The more we learn, and living in Madison WI where we have access to a flow of presentations on one aspect or another of what is being learned — climate change seems like the only thing we should be focusing on. Everything else is trivial. I was really happy to learn about the Science-Based Life blog and glad to share it.

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