GREEN BLOG ROUNDUP: My 5 Favorite This Week

It’s energizing to see so many people blogging green!  Here are 5 sites worth checking out.  Blogs for guidance on gardening green, dressing green, eating green, housing green and the final blog, GreenStrides a compendium of green products and practices.

I saw this rainbow while driving in the Driftless yesterday

We don't have to wait till someday over the rainbow. We can be greener today.

I hope you will be as energized by these blogs as I am.

1   Green Garden Design Cataloging clever and beautiful finds and to inform and inspire others about sustainable landscape architecture and garden design

Gardens are naturally green – aren’t they? Well, you can get a lot greener, and here is an English garden designer focusing on sustainability from fair trade hammocks to alternate lawn covers to grass.  Though I’m sitting in the middle of the U.S., I like to see how they are doing things across the pond.

2   Organic Clothing All about organic, natural & sustainable clothing and eco fashion

O.K.  We don’t want the products of child slavery or deforestation on our backs and feet, and there is a lot to learn about where that cool shirt on the rack came from.  This is a site where you can learn about why natural fiber clothes wrinkle, what is cool (well I mean warm – well I mean both) about Merino wool, and a very comprehensive glossary of what words like acetate and olefin actually mean.

3   Locavore digesting local organic food and culture

This is a pleasant mental vacation blog with gorgeous photos of people figuring out how to live sustainably in Ontario. These aspiring farmers are a little farther along the way than I am, and gives me lots of food for thought.

4   Re-nest abundant design for green homes

I would name this blog, Green Can Be Gorgeous.  But it is also full of useful tips  like this You Tube on how to get the last drop out of that frustrating container.  or top ten ways to recycle your old towels and sheets.

5   GreenStrides Every green stride is a step in the right direction.

I just subscribed to this blog.  Joyce Benson, certified in sustainable design and a member of the US Green Building Council, is succinct and pragmatic.  I’ll be mining this source of “environmentally-friendly products and practices for the home and the office” regularly.  Check out topics like: Tips for Saving Energy (and Money) with Older Water Heaters, The Quiet Beauty of Cork Flooring and How Green is Your Home Office.

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