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guest post by Doug Hansmann Our architect gave us his shopping list for 73 joists, rafters, posts and beams for our new house today.  He could supply everything from his woods, but we hope to find most of them on our own 44 acres. Here’s what it will take: Trees […]

Watt a Merry Christmas!

Both our girls made it home for Christmas. We lit some candles and exchanged a few presents on Christmas Eve. The highlight is a custom we picked up in the Netherlands, where the present exchange came with quirky, poems that hint at the object inside the wrappings and tease the […]


When we lived in the Netherlands, we often watched village-dwelling  farmers wearing wooden shoes  bike out to their well-tended fields  carrying some long-handled tool over their shoulder (yes, really).  The Netherlands is a food exporting country, demonstrating that monster-sized agribusiness is not the only productive game in town.   Those […]

8 Tips for Siting Your Natural Home

GUEST POST BY DELLA HANSMANN Whole Trees Architecture and Construction Before you even start thinking about the specific design of your building, you can have a huge impact on its comfort and cost by choosing the site wisely.  Issues of solar gain, prevailing winds, and drainage are key, as well […]