MREA: Coloring the Midwest Green for 20 Years

Though I’ve already applied some of it, I’m still digesting the feast of info from 20th Energy Fair of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) June 19-21 near Custer, Wisconsin. It’s a great gathering of people who are learning how to live more lightly, and it just feels good to […]

Global Warming and Our Woods

Half of our 44 acres are filled with rows of strapping, teenage White Spruce and Red Pine planted by the previous owner.  These trees grow naturally in Northern Wisconsin, but usually exist only by human intervention in the southern part of the state, where we live. The Red Pines in […]

Sex among the Pines

I didn’t learn about Conifer sex till it smacked me in the face.  Our land has 22 acres of teenage pines and spruces as part of a certified tree farm, so how did I fail to  notice what was going on sooner?  I have been walking among them, cutting out […]