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Octuber: The Magic of Fresh-dug Potatoes in Fall

The Dutch word for potato is aardapel, which means earth apple.  Apples and potatoes have long been a staple because both can be stored long after harvesting in root cellars and apple barrels. But they are also alike in that, though they remain quite edible, they are beyond delicious when […]

Pizza Wisconsinalia

I vividly remember the fireworks of flavor that erupted with my first taste of pizza.  I was about 10, and our family was dining with friends.  The pre-Martha Stewart mothers in our crowd competed to feed 10 to 20 people at a time with something tasty that didn’t break the […]

The Godmother of Goat Cheese

Today my post is a link to an article in On Wisconsin that I wrote this spring about Anne Topham, the godmother of goat cheese.  Anne milks her goats and makes her cheeses on Fantôme Farm in The Driftless Area just a few miles from my own 44 acres. Wisconsin […]