We raced to finish our greenhouse project before the ground froze and the snow fell. By last week the ground was frozen, and Wednesday the snow not only fell, it dumped. Wednesday the city of Madison was stopped in it’s tracks.  With about 17 inches of snow and gusting wind, […]

Think Small to Build Small

Introducing a new feature on this site: Conversations with my architect on the design of the house we will build in 2012. Our architect Della Hansmann of Whole Tree Architecture (see York Times article here) is also our daughter.  This is a rare opportunity to mull over how to make […]


For better or worse, the race to get projects done before the ground freezes is over, and I think we won. The temperatures around here have dropped.  At the moment, it’s 17 degrees F outside, and a big snow dump is predicted today – the first serious snow of the […]


As the vegetarian mom in a vegetarian family, thanksgiving is not associated with roasted turkey around here. We all look forward to our traditional feast, which features a big, round, crispy-crusted, golden-brown dome of polenta marbled with savory beans and tangy cheeses. And we ladle rich, flavorful vegetarian gravy over […]