Five Ws — How (the tractor question)

Who What When Where Why How The Prime Directive is how to take care of and live on this land with the smallest feasible footprint.  Notice I say feasible, not possible.  (We’ve taken living in a pup tent and farming with a machete off the table – only Cinderella can […]

Five Ws – WHERE

Who What When Where Why How The Midwest Driftless Area is a glorious place.  Trout Unlimited calls it a national treasure and has pinned its scaly dreams on restoring the streams that trace its deep, convoluted valleys.   This dramatic landscape, carved deep by ancient water courses, is far older than […]

Five Ws — WHEN

A Rough Site Plan for 2012 When we set out to find land in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, we imagined moving into an old farm house.  What we fell for was 44 acres with a south-facing slope that looked to be a promising house site where we would become […]

Five Ws — WHO

Who What When Where Why How So, who is telling you this?  My daughter, a budding green architect, recently described me as an unreconstructed hippy venting my pioneer woman leanings through conservation biology.  !!!  And now I see that she has just posted about my blog on her blog Lost […]