Sex among the Pines

I didn’t learn about Conifer sex till it smacked me in the face.  Our land has 22 acres of teenage pines and spruces as part of a certified tree farm, so how did I fail to  notice what was going on sooner?  I have been walking among them, cutting out […]

Lesson in Carr Repair or Listening to Your Land

As we fill in our mental map of this 44 acres, we tend toward descriptive names that don’t take too long to say:  High Pines, Windward Spruces, Lloyd’s Lane, Westfallia, the Prairie, the Glade, Turkey Track Trail, Ridgeway.  Most of these names came immediately to mind and stuck like glue. […]

Five Ws – WHERE

Who What When Where Why How The Midwest Driftless Area is a glorious place.  Trout Unlimited calls it a national treasure and has pinned its scaly dreams on restoring the streams that trace its deep, convoluted valleys.   This dramatic landscape, carved deep by ancient water courses, is far older than […]

Five Ws — WHO

Who What When Where Why How So, who is telling you this?  My daughter, a budding green architect, recently described me as an unreconstructed hippy venting my pioneer woman leanings through conservation biology.  !!!  And now I see that she has just posted about my blog on her blog Lost […]