Putting up With Strawberries

A strawberry picked and placed directly into one’s mouth at its moment of perfect ripeness is one of life’s most marvelous sensations, and one of the most elusive. Most of the berries you harvest will be packed away and  pulled out of the freezer and enjoyed in August, October and […]

Spreading the Love

So,  I want to share my latest published article — a profile for On Wisconsin of Barry Levenson, currator of the National Mustard Museum. Mustard is one of the simple but intense joys of life. A  very sustainable condiment. On October 28, 1986, at 2:30 a.m., Barry Levenson MA’73, JD’74, […]


Saturday was workout for the windshield wipers as I drove through fog and rain to Weston’s Antique Apple Orchards in the Prospect Hill Settlement Historic District of New Berlin, Wisconsin.  I went to learn how to graft antique apple trees onto modern, semi-dwarf root stock. Weston’s Orchards is one of […]


Things are getting exciting in our mostly-finished greenhouse! Last year we raced to get the growing beds built and filled before the ground froze. This March we raced again to finish the top edge of the boxes so we could plant. By then the temperatures in the greenhouse were staying […]