Eco architecture


Our greenhouse growing boxes are almost complete.  Seed is ordered, and temperatures of soil and air are getting into the growing range.  In our completely passive solar greenhouse, the thermometer 8 inches below the soil surface never registered freezing once all winter long. The inside air temperature once got down […]


We don’t have to rip our mountains apart to power our toasters.  A terawatt is equal to one trillion watts, and the sun hits earth with 20 TW.  Our biggest power plants produce puny gigawatts of power a small fraction of  the terawatts that the sun is bathing the earth […]

Windows on the Soul: Let the Light Shine In

GUEST POST BY DELLA HANSMANN Lets talk about windows.  Let’s talk about light. MORNING WINDOWS Christopher Alexander explored building design by looking for patterns in existing building styles, and he stresses the importance of natural light – eastern light – in the house, and particularly in bedrooms.  Pattern 138 in […]

Conversational Prairie 101

Because our little barn is a timber frame structure covered with slabs of oak weathering to a silvery patina, I like to think it looks like it belongs where it is.  (See my post, Building our Timberframe Barn here .  But when it was being built, the site looked like […]