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Denise Thornton

The Heat Is On — WICCI Details Climate Change for Wisconsin

If you live in Wisconsin, you can expect to be 4-9 degrees Fahrenheit warmer by 2050. We know this because Wisconsin is home to an amazing organization – Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI).  This power-packed nexus of know-how from the University of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Natural […]

Conversational Prairie 101

Because our little barn is a timber frame structure covered with slabs of oak weathering to a silvery patina, I like to think it looks like it belongs where it is.  (See my post, Building our Timberframe Barn here .  But when it was being built, the site looked like […]

Corn: How do you like yours?

What tastes better than fresh hot – almost-too-hot-to-hold – corn on the cob, still sweet from picking?  Whether each succulent kernel is coated in melted butter, or my new favorite, melted blue cheese (I get an award winning block of Blue Paradise from its friendly creators Tony and Julie Hook […]

Buckwheat Beginnings

When you decide to be a farmer, you have to start somewhere. How about a row of raspberries? Last April I drove an hour and a half to East Troy WI for the “Berrylicious Workshop” at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute , which promised and provided hands-on training in pruning, […]